Waist Beads

Waist beads have been worn for centuries by women in Africa. They have many meanings depending on the culture. They can be worn as a “coming of age” rite for young girls, as a means of intimacy, to “shape” the waist, as a weight management tool, or simply as a beautiful accessory. The waist beads we offer are made just for you!

We offer screw-on waist beads and tie-on waist beads. Screw-ons come with a screw at the end. They can be easily be taken off and put back on daily. The string length can be shortened using a needle with an adjustable eye.

Tie-ons come without a screw and are tied around the waist. These kinds are meant to be kept on for a longer period of time, sometimes until they break or too lose to wear! They are also adjustable by sliding beads right off the string.