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About Us

Africana is a dream true. Coming out of college, I wanted to start something that truly meant something to me. A dream I could keep on investing in, a dream that could help me accomplish my goals. And that's when it came to me - Africana Jewelry.

My senior year of college my mother came back from Africa with a number of trinkets from our motherland, Ghana. Like Kente cloth being woven on a loom, ideas started to swirl. Being a Business Major it was really a no-brainer. Why not create a brand that is rich in culture? And that's exactly what Africana Jewelry is!

Now you can shop authentic homemade jewelry from the land of birth, Africa. There is an Africana piece for everyone. 



Mohammed & Amina Sankoh.

Thank you for shopping Africana, for supporting a Small Business and shopping Black!

Please allow 3-5 Business Days for item(s) to ship. We appreciate your patience!